Samsung’s foldable clamshell Galaxy Z Flip rumored to have a 12MP main camera, not 108MP after all – Android Police

Samsung has hinted that it’s planning a clamshell Galaxy Fold follow-up for this year, supposedly called Galaxy Z Flip. The phone is already rumored to be the first foldable device with a proper glass display and 5G support. There are still a few unknowns, though, so leaker Ishan Agarwal took to Twitter to share further hardware specifications.

Contrary to earlier rumors, Agarwal says the Galaxy Z Flip won’t include Samsung’s new 108MP camera and will instead have a 12MP main camera and a 10MP front camera. There’s still uncertainty around the battery size, which should either have a capacity of 3300mAh or 3500mAh.

The clamshell handset will likely come with a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display (as previously reported), though there is still no word on the aspect ratio. For all we know, it could end up being much taller than your usual smartphone screen. Its 256GB of storage will offer plenty of room for apps and files. On the software side, the phone will run One UI 2.1, which might be a small revamp of the existing 2.0 version.

Previous leaks have already shown off the Z Flip’s looks, and we’ve heard that it might be presented as soon as next month alongside the Galaxy S11 S20. If that turns out to be true, we won’t have to wait too long until we know all the facts, but with Samsung’s newly appointed mobile chief, the February 11 date might be up for debate again.

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