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Greenacre crash: lawyer says driver was unconscious and it was not deliberate – The Guardian

The lawyer for the man who crashed into a western Sydney hijab shop says his client was unconscious during the incident and denied he deliberately drove into the store.

Sabry Moustafa Nassar, 51, was denied bail when he appeared in Parramatta bail court on Saturday facing a string of driving offences.

Police prosecutors said Nassar should be remanded in custody because of the risk to the community and fears of a repeat incident.

The court heard the crash was similar to an incident at Lakemba earlier in the year for which he has also been charged.

The magistrate Holly Kemp said there were elements of “predatory or deliberate behaviour” in that offence which occurred in January.

“The material before me concerns, in my view, two similar incidents over a short period of time and represents a serious example in this alleged offence,” Kemp said.

She added no bail conditions would mitigate her fear for the community or concerns Nassar could reoffend.

Nassar is facing a maximum possible jail term of two years and his lawyer, Mostafa Daoudie, said that due to court delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, time in custody would be likely to outweigh any sentence.

Nassar was re-arrested on Friday and charged with a number of offences relating to Thursday’s crash, which injured 14 people.

He has been charged with driving furiously in a motor vehicle causing bodily harm, reckless driving, negligent driving, proceeding through a red traffic light and failing to notify authorities of a change of residential address.

Ten people were hospitalised and at least two people suffered broken bones when Nassar’s Mitsubishi four-wheel drive crashed through the front door of Hijab House at Greenacre on Thursday afternoon.

After being interviewed at Bankstown police station, Nassar was released without charge, before being re-arrested at a Greenacre home on Friday night.

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