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Man fined for sitting in car during housemate’s noisy bedroom romp – The Age

Police have issued 202 fines to Victorians caught breaching COVID-19 restrictions in the past 24 hours, including to a man who told police he was trying to escape his housemate’s noisy bedroom antics and another who was visiting a friend to practise his DJ skills.

Of the total fined, 33 people were penalised for failing to wear a face covering, eight people were caught at vehicle checkpoints and 70 for breaching curfew in metropolitan Melbourne.

A man is issued a fine on August 9, in Melbourne.

A man is issued a fine on August 9, in Melbourne.Credit:Darrian Traynor

In one instance, police said they found a man sitting in his car at a Maribyrnong car park, more than five kilometres from his home, about 7.30pm on Sunday.

When asked for his reason to be there, he told police his housemate’s intimate partner was over and the couple was being “too loud” in the bedroom so he left the house to get peace and quiet.

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